Membership Options

AzHOSA membership is contingent on participation in a Career and Technical Education Health Career Education Program. There are two membership options for AzHOSA for the 2014-2015 school year. Please read each one as they are very specific and different. To have a registered chapter, you must have an advisor and a minimum of 12 members.


Traditional Membership


  • Cost: 16.00 per member/advisor
  • Advisor enters all members on the National HOSA website
  • Access to all free materials on the AzHOSA and HOSA websites.


State Discount Membership Program




Arizona HOSA prepares students for a career in healthcare by providing opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills and professionalism needed to be successful in that career.

The Arizona HOSA State Membership Discount Membership Program provides all eligible Career
and Technical Education students and teachers in one program to become HOSA members and take advantage of discounts and benefits while effectively integrating HOSA into any of the
Health Career Education programs: Bioscience, Dental Assisting, Emergency Medical Services,
Laboratory Assisting, Medical Assisting, Mental and Social Health Services, Nursing Services,
Pharmacy Support Services, Respiratory Therapy Services, Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation
Services, Surgical Technician, Therapeutic Massage or Veterinary/Animal Health
Technician/Veterinary Assistant.

Once a HOSA chapter has been established and has completed the necessary steps to be
registered with the state office, the decision to choose the State Discount Membership Program
requires the following steps:

  • All students in a sequence of courses for one program are counted for HOSA membership. With the State Discount Membership Program option, a chapter is providing HOSA opportunities to all its students.
  • Choose the membership range for your chapter size from the table below.
  • Complete the appropriate contract for each program and submit to the AzHOSA Office by October 3rd.  Upon receipt of the appropriate contract and PO, students may be entered in the National HOSA website according to the online instructions.
  • Each State Discount Membership Program HOSA chapter will receive the following


  • Discount on AzHOSA state membership
  • Discount on Chapter Leadership Camp registration fee
  • Discount on Fall Leadership Conference registration fee
  • Discount on Spring Leadership Conference registration fee


For  copy of the State Discount Membership Program Contract, Click Here.

Membership Category Fees


Membership Category Fee
1 to 25 Students$352
26 to 50 Students$704
51 to 75 Students$1,056
76 to 100 Students$1,408
101 to 125 Students$1,760
126 to 150 Students$2,112
151 to 175 Students$2,464
176 to 200 Students$2,816
201 to 225 Students$3,168
226 to 250 Students$3,520
251 to 275 Students$3,872
276 to 300 Students$3,224
301 to 325 Students$4,576
326 to 350 Students$4,928
351 to 375 Students$5,280
376 to 400 Students$5,632
401 to 425 Students$5,984
426 to 450 Students$6,336
451 to 475 Students$6,688
476 to 500 Students$7,040
501 to 525 Students$7,392
526 to 550 Students$7,744
551 to 575 Students$8,096
576 to 600 Students



601 to 625 Students$8,800
626 to 650 Students$9,152
651 to 675 Students$9,504
676 to 700 Students$9,856