2011-2012 State Officers

The Arizona HOSA State Officers were elected to lead and represent the members of each Arizona HOSA chapter. Each has different duties and responsibilities. To learn more about them or to contact them personally please find their biography and information below or click on their name to the right.

University of Arizona

Tucson High Magnet School

Kayla Loomis - President

Kayla is currently attending the University of Arizona with the intention of furthering her education after college with an M.D/Ph.D. program. She is extremely interested in the brain and how it works as well as cancer and cancer’s genetic basis. Combining her passion for the brain and cancer, Kayla aspires to become a neuro-oncologist. She is hoping to complete an M.D/Ph.D. program in order to continue her research in the health field at the molecular level. In high school, she worked in various laboratories doing research in the areas of neurology, oncology, and pharmaceutical development. She had the wonderful opportunity as well to work in the clinical research department at the Arizona Cancer Center’s Radiation Oncology department. During the 2011-2012 academic year, Kayla will be working in a laboratory at the University of Arizona conducting research in neuroscience.

Kayla joined HOSA two years ago in her biotechnology class at Tucson High Magnet School. She was unsure of what to expect, but she never thought that HOSA would have as a significant impact on her life as it has. In 2010, Kayla attended the National Leadership Conference and competed in pharmacology. She placed in the top 10 and hopes to beat her personal best, placing higher each year she competes.

In addition to the medical and science field, Kayla also enjoys dancing. She is currently  a company member with Dance For a Cause, a non-profit dance company that raises funds for a different cause every year. She enjoys it because she is able to combine her love of dance and helping others. She also is very interested in holistic medicine and hopes to incorporate various treatments in her practice in addition to standard treatments, including movement/dance therapy. Kayla looks forward to representing her fellow AzHOSA members and is excited for a productive and successful year!



Sunnyside High School

Reyna Gissel Sanchez - Secretary

Reyna Gissel Sanchez is a senior at Sunnyside High School in Tucson, Arizona. She was born in Phoenix, Arizona but lived in Mexico until 11th grade. Although relatively new to HOSA, she is diving in head first. While working in a blood drive at Sunnyside HS Mrs. Shovlin and her teachers Mrs. Monroe and Mrs. McDonald encouraged her to apply as State Officer candidate.

Her parents are both doctors and since she was a little child she had a passion for medicine and often stayed at her mom’s work at the Mexican Red Cross. In Mexico, she attended a high school with Clinical Laboratory Technician classes and she had the opportunity to practice lab tests. During the afternoons, she took extra classes of French, English, Grammar and Swimming. She enjoyed all of her classes. Thinking about her future, Reyna decided to move to Tucson with her aunt and uncle, looking for a better education and opportunities, and wanting to help her mother and sisters in Mexico. Gissel’s mom raised her three daughters alone and molded them into good students and athletes. Her mother is her role model, and Gissel wants to be a good example for her two little sisters and to help them in the future.  She likes swimming, reading, painting and drawing, and her goal is to become a plastic surgeon, combining both art and medicine.

As a plastic surgeon, she would like to help with preventive mastectomy, for women with a medical history of breast cancer. She also wants to work with charities to help children with cleft palate around the world. Gissel believes that everyone can reach their goals if they work hard to make them real. She wants to finish medical school and her specialty more than anything else.

HOSA has provided her with great opportunities, guidance and support and she is grateful of this. It is an honor for her to help other students and to represent them. She believes that with effort, hard work, passion, and perseverance, we can achieve our goals. She is looking forward to a great year with the wonderful State Officer Team of year 2011-2012. “If you can dream it, you are halfway there” Theodore Roosevelt. 



Gateway Community College

Thunderbird High School

Maricopa High School CAVIT

John Newman - Secondary Vice President

Southern Region

As John Newman’s first year in HOSA, he has already realized some of the wonderful opportunities available to HOSA members. He has an overwhelming passion for the medical field where he drives to become a successful leader and advocate for those who have nothing. Coming from a 3rd world country, John tries to make the best of his opportunities and help those around him be successful in achieving their goals as healthcare practitioners.  For him, service and care are important aspects in HOSA members. One of his fondest memories of service was when he volunteered at an elementary school to educate youngsters to ease their fears during doctor checkups. Seeing the children’s faces always reminds him of why he chose this profession.

John also has a strong passion for youth health, where he does his best to promote daily exercise and fitness. Currently, John Newman is attending Maricopa High School where he is the Student Body President and he is involved in Link Crew, Track & Field, Cross Country, and Soccer. This past year he was awarded Honorable Mention - All Region Player in Soccer, and set three records in track and field at his high school. One of John’s favorite quotes is “Success is to be measured not too much by the position one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome.”



Grand Canyon University
Bradshaw Mountain High School

Arely Zepeda - Secondary Vice President

Northern Region

Arely Zepeda is honored to serve as the Secondary Vice-President for the Northern Region of Arizona, for the 2011-2012 school year.  She is a Bradshaw Mountain High School graduate, who plans to attend Grand Canyon University to become a nurse and earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing.  After becoming an RN,  Arely would like to become certified in Oncology, so that she will have the education and skills necessary to help children who have cancer.

Commitment, compassion, caring, motivation, and courage are characteristics that accurately describe Arely. She might not be perfect, but she does everything to the best of her ability; whether it’s listening to someone, organizing an event, or simply working with others.  Arely gives all of herself because she appreciates being needed and contributing to worthwhile causes. One of Arely's priorities in life is to stay as involved in her community as much as possible. She believes in service, and puts the needs of others ahead of her own.



Grand Canyon University

Selah Bratt - Post Secondary Vice President 

Central Region

As a sophomore in college Selah has been in HOSA for three years.  She attends Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, where she works toward a degree in Physical Therapy.  Although she still has a long road of education ahead of her, she loves volunteering at local Physical Therapy facilities, which keeps her excited for her career. Along with volunteering Selah works at her school in IT support.  She also has a passion for children and works at a childcare center.  She currently serves as the Post-Secondary Vice President for the Central Region.  Some of her HOSA accomplishment include: 3rd in the nation in Job Seeking Skills, 1st in the state in Prepared Speaking, and receiving the President’s Volunteer Service Award.  She is thankful for her family and all of the love and support they give her. Selah’s family means the world her as they inspire her to achieve bigger and better goals. Selah considers her fellow officers to be part of her family as well as they support her in all of her endeavors.  Whenever she thinks of HOSA, she think of all the “Hearts that believe and the hands that achieve”.